July 20, 2005

Moon pie in the sky

Today is Moon Day, the thirty-sixth anniversary of the day that humans last walked on our moon. And now I read that Scotty has beamed up permanently. I wonder if he determined, at the last, that there was no intelligent life down here?

Gene Roddenberry took advantage of his Star-Trek soapbox to call peace our "Undiscovered Country". We've shuffled to the moon and back, sent drones to Mars and Jupiter, and submersibles to our deep ocean trenches. My youngest sister likes to point out that we've spent more time on the moon than in the deepest parts of the ocean, and she's still probably right.

But I think we've also spent little time truly at peace, that undiscovered country. It's not an easy place to find; and it seems that many people find it too tempting to leave rather than stay.

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The Doombot Express said...

Yes, I heard about poor Jimmy Doohan today. I'm afraid to think this, but peace, at least on a universal level, will always remain the "undiscovered country", no matter how hard we try to change it. Some people may find their own peace, and be able to maintain it within themselves and their own circle of family and friends, and more power to them. Yet, to spread it beyond that, is such a mountain to climb...