July 07, 2005

London Underground: memory escapes

Reading news briefs this morning about the transit bombings in London, I tried to find out what stations had been affected, to remember if I had been to them when I was in Britain as a student.

Strangely, I find it hard to remember now what the stations looked like. I'm finding my memories of London Underground overrun with my mental images of the Underground in Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel, Neverwhere. Time is partly to blame, I'm sure. But I wonder if it's also that I can't quite associate the reality of the places I've been with a bombing. A surreal fantasy setting comes more easily to mind.

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alice@blogalice.com said...

when did you study in england? what did you do there? did you visit tennyson's house on the isle of wight or dance on charlotte bronte's grave?

i have a signed copy of neverwhere. gaiman wrote, 'mind the gap.' i think that speaks in many ways.