June 09, 2005

Remember "Choose Your Adventure?"

If you've never heard of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, turn to page 38. Otherwise, click over to Uncyclopedia and play The Game.

And waste some more time while you're there, too, fooling around with Zork. Not the original Zork, mind you, but a twisted, bent, Uncyclopedized Zork. Add your own screen if you like. Just watch out for the grue.


alice@blogalice.com said...

I always got eaten by the trolls. Or a fairy would give me a wedgie. In fact, when we were up in Oregon this weekend, the film Troll was on cable:

alice@blogalice.com said...

i remember playing zork. example of an hour:

turn faucet left
turn faucet right
turn light on (so that i can see faucet)
turn faucet left

teletypeturtle said...

Flood Control Dam #3?

alice@blogalice.com said...

hahaha damn annoying game.