December 12, 2004

Fleece blankets

I really, really like my fleece blankets. I have one for the couch that keeps me warm when my husband:

  • has the windows open because it's cool outside
  • has the air conditioning on because it's warm outside
  • thinks the inside temperature of our condo should resemble a walk-in cooler

I also have another fleece blanket for bed -- allowing me to sleep in my own personal zone of warmth.

A few nights ago I was up late, reading online, with couch blanket wrapped around me. Then I went to bed, and almost walked in to the bedroom with couch blanket. Oh no! By now, couch blanket and bed blanket must be sworn enemies. I had visions of a blanket-anti-blanket explosion. Isn't this the kind of thing that happens on Star Trek? I'm lucky I didn't open the door; I'm fresh out of dilithium crystals.

1 comment:

Short Stuff said...

Heh - Rich thinks that our apartment should be an ice box. Supposedly in his parents house, the shampoo would freeze in the shower during the winter because it was so cold. BRRRR!!!