September 24, 2004

Mountain Day at Mount Holyoke

Yesterday was Mountain Day at my alma mater, Mount Holyoke College. I hope my sister had a great day off.

Mountain Day is a wonderful, experience-the-moment tradition. The college president picks a day each fall when the weather is nice, the autumn leaves are colorful, and the day just cries out to be enjoyed.

It's always a secret until the last moment. We wait to hear the bell tower ring more than eight times at eight o'clock. When it does -- it's Mountain Day. Class is cancelled, and we all play hooky for a day.

In my sophomore year, we actually went to Mt. Holyoke and climbed the little mountain. That was probably the best Mountain Day I ever had. Somewhere I have a set of snapshots of us in our sweatshirts and jeans, my friends and I, hiking up the mountain and enjoying the view.

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