July 05, 2004

Thou shalt not beak walls!

Zip: Thou shalt not beak walls!My lovebird Zip is 13 years old and he's never done this before.

He was wandering about (under my watchful eyes) after a shower under the faucet and decided to begin exploring the corner of the wall with his beak. The wall, mind you, which I had just painted yesterday evening.

"NO!" I exclaimed. "Thou shalt NOT beak walls! That is NOT allowed!"

He just looked back at me, of course. I could speak Klingon as far as vocabulary counts, but the tone does help. It was clear that I was not pleased. He stopped for all of five seconds.

Normally I would herd him back to his cage at this point, but that option was not available since I was in the middle of cleaning said cage. Next strategy: Place some large and vaguely scary objects between Zip and the tasty-looking wall corner, like Kleenex boxes and liquid soap bottles.

My dear Zip is a bird of little brain. If I'm lucky, he'll have forgotten about this episode by the next time he exits his cage.

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