June 08, 2004

Weekend Highlights!

Just got back in town, late last night.

The midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Friday a.m. did not disappoint. The Marauder's Map and Buckbeak were probably the best special effects of the movie. I give a close third to the little seasonal Whomping Willow scenes just for their humor. (Anybody notice the owl tracks in the Owlery during the closing credits? Or the transforming human-dog tracks?)

I wasn't totally thrilled with the Patronus effect; I guess I wanted the final version to be a bit more similar to the way I had imagined it from the book. A lot of detail had to be left out, by necessity, to keep the movie manageable, but I think the director (Cuaron) did a good job keeping to the spirit of the story. Too bad they didn't keep the final Quidditch match, though, with Harry helping Gryffindor win the Cup.

The wedding went off well; my sister is happily married and off in the Keys enjoying the sun. Not getting sunburned, I hope.

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