May 31, 2004

Some people can't recognize Mayberry when it bites them on the, um, nose

Mount Dora, Florida is a relatively small town. Population 9418, according to the census taken in 2000.

The holiday-weekend news must have been slow yesterday in Orlando, because they decided to lead both the evening and late-night news with the same story of a police shooting in Mount Dora. Which was especially funny by 11:00 p.m., because it appeared that everyone had gone home except the reporters.

Linwood Davis, age 70, was pulled over by police for driving erratically. He shoved an officer and fled the scene.

Now, here's where the Mayberry angle comes in. Apparently, Davis had had run-ins with the Mount Dora police in the past. And like I said, Mount Dora is a small town. It relies heavily on weekend tourists shopping downtown, and there are a lot of pedestrian-friendly areas. So rather than engage in a vehicle pursuit -- the Mount Dora police just went to Davis's residence and waited for him to come home. Which he presently did.

When police approached Davis outside his apartment complex, he drew a gun, and shots were fired. Davis was shot in the thigh, but fortunately he should recover. No one else was injured. Guess what all the news types have to talk about? Yep -- police shooting.

Which is what happened, I guess. But I liked the first part better.

If you care, here's an 'official' account at the Orlando Sentinel:
Gunfire ends Mount Dora altercation
They'll make you register to read it. Give them fake information.

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